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PLAYBILL.COM'S CUE & A: Bring It On: The Musical Star Taylor Louderman

Playbill | September 18, 2012
Taylor Louderman, who is making her Broadway debut as Campbell in Bring It On: The Musical, fills out Playbill.com's questionnaire of random facts, backstage trivia and pop-culture tidbits. read more >

Bring It On's Neil Haskell on His Journey From So You Think You Can Dance to Broadway

Broadway.com | September 18, 2012
This week's Gotta Dance! sheds a little light on one of Broadway's favorite rising stars, former So You Think You Can Dance favorite Neil Haskell, currently taking on his first leading role in Bring It On: The Musical. read more >

Original Cast Recording of Bring It On Will Be Released Digitally in September and in Stores in October

Playbill | September 17, 2012
The Original Broadway Cast Recording of Bring It On: The Musical, produced by Ghostlight Records and available on Back Lot Music, will be released for digital download on iTunes beginning Sept. 25 and in stores Oct. 16. read more >

Bring It On Star Adrienne Warren Records Opening Song for Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Playbill | September 14, 2012
Adrienne Warren, the young singing actress who is currently starring in Broadway's Bring It On: The Musical, has recorded the opening song for the upcoming Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. read more >

Q&A; with Tom Kitt, Co-Composer, Co-Arranger/Orchestrator for Bring It On

Westchester Magazine | August 23, 2012
When we last left Byram Hills High School grad Tom Kitt, he was arranging music for Green Day's American Idiot after having won a Pulitzer for Next to Normal. He's returned to Broadway with the high-flying cheerleaders of Bring It On. read more >

BRING IT ON: The Musical Performs on NBC's 'America's Got Talent' Tonight, 8/22

BroadwayWorld.com | August 22, 2012
Tonight's live results show of NBC's top-rated "America's Got Talent" on August 22 (9-10 pm ET) will feature a performance by Broadway's BRING IT ON: THE MUSICAL. read more >

Bring It On

The New Yorker | August 8, 2012
It's got more than spirit. This musical, inspired by the 2000 movie and set in the high-flying world of competitive cheerleading, has exuberant dance numbers (Andy Blankenbuehler directs and choreographs) and enough self-lacerating attitude to make up for all the perky blondes with pompoms. read more >

Bring It On: The Musical Backflips Onto Broadway on Opening Night

Broadway.com | August 2, 2012
A great photo gallery from our opening night! read more >

High School Rivalry, With a Leg Up

New York Times | August 1, 2012
Cheerleading, that most American of pastimes, is not likely to become an Olympic sport anytime soon. Yet the highly acrobatic, gasp-inducing style of sis-boom-bah competition celebrated in "Bring It On: The Musical," which opened Wednesday night at the St. James Theater, almost makes you believe that it should be. read more >

Theater Review: The Unexpected Charms of Bring It On: The Musical

New York Magazine | August 1, 2012
Bring It On certainly gives fierce face, but it also backs up that glittering grill with just enough sinew and substance -- musical, physical and textual -- to put it in trophy contention as a worthy, weightless delight, a guilty pleasure you needn't feel too guilty about. read more >

Actors, cheerleaders, 'Bring It' on Broadway

USA Today | July 31, 2012
Onstage at Broadway's St. James Theatre, where Bring It On: The Musical opens Wednesday, extravagantly athletic performers are rehearsing a "basket toss." read more >

Bridging Two Performance Worlds

The New York Times | July 29, 2012
"BEING a cheerleader is like being a Marine," one of the characters says in "Bring It On: The Musical." But a Marine doesn't have to do a double-full basket toss in a short skirt and a smile. read more >

Looking Past the Smile and the Sheen

The New York Times | July 26, 2012
YOU know her instantly. Fresh-faced, teeth gleaming, bouncing ponytail. Eyes wide in either innocence or experience (your pick). Body held tight, brimming with promises soon to be fulfilled. She is rooting for you. read more >

'Bring It On: The Musical' Performs on The Today Show on NBC!

NBC | June 19, 2012
Our cast BROUGHT IT in their first national television appearance on June 19th on NBC's "The TODAY Show". The cast discussed their training, cheering experience, and high-flying acrobatic stunts you'll see live at the show. In case you missed it, click here to see the performance! read more >

A Broadway Stop for 'Bring It On'

The New York Times | May 15, 2012
A new musical-comedy is moving into the St. James Theater in July - BRING IT ON: THE MUSICAL read more >

Broadway World Interviews Tom Kitt

Broadway World | May 1, 2012
BWW sat down to speak with Tom Kitt, who composed the music alongside Lin-Manuel Miranda. BRING IT ON: THE MUSICAL is a bit of a departure from Mr. Kitt's previous work, but one which provides unique challenges for the composer. read more >

Cheers Gone Wild

Toronto Star | April 29, 2012
Cheerleading: it's not just about pom-poms anymore. If you've got any doubts on that score, make your way to BRING IT ON: THE MUSICAL where the cast will introduce you to a world of razzmatazz that Las Vegas would envy, and sky-high gymnastics that could put Cirque du Soleil to shame. read more >

Cast Album Sampler Set for April 24 Release

Playbill.com | April 6, 2012
Sh-K-Boom Records will release a three-song sampler from BRING IT ON: THE MUSICAL on April 24. read more >

Cheerleading Saga Brings It On Big Stage

The Charlotte Observer | April 6, 2012
Andy Blankenbuehler, director/choreographer of BRING IT ON: THE MUSICAL wants you to know that the production is not simply a rehash of the five popular cheerleading movies. He started from scratch, keeping the main elements of the story intact - ethnic rivalries, high school cliques and the world of competitive cheerleading. read more >

Taylor Louderman Interview on ksdk.com

KSDK (NBC) TV | April 3, 2012
Live sit-down interview with Taylor Louderman in St. Louis. read more >

'Bring It On' mission: Spread good cheer

Chicago Tribune | March 2, 2012
"The show has a huge 'wow' factor," Blankenbuehler said in a recent telephone interview. "The music in the show is exciting and the girls really fly through the air, which is a very exciting new dimension for a musical. But that has to be balanced by truthful emotion." read more >

Fiona Flips for 'Bring It On: The Musical'

KDFW FOX 4 TV | February 23, 2012
The new production will make you jump higher than a Herkie! Fiona Gorostiza goes behind the scenes of the cutthroat world of competitive cheerleading and tumbles with the cast. read more >

Bringing It To The Table

TheaterJones.com | February 22, 2012
"I wasn't interested in doing a movie adaptation," says Miranda. "When [director/choreographer] Andy [Blankenbuehler] told me this wasn't an adaptation of that movie, but a show set in the world of cheerleading, and crossing cultural boundaries, that interested me." read more >

Good Morning Texas

WFAA (ABC) TV - Channel 8 | February 15, 2012
Taylor Louderman and Jason Gotay sing "Might As Well Enjoy the Trip" live on WFAA TV's "Good Morning Texas." read more >

Triple-threat cast leads 'Bring It On: The Musical'

Houston Chronicle | January 20, 2012
"That aspect of the show creates a real unity in the cast," says Andy Blankenbuehler. "It forces the company to be a team because they are literally holding each other up." read more >


Denver Post | January 16, 2012
Actors will often tell each other to "break a leg" before a show, but the cast prefers to say "Bring It On." Not only is it the name of the show, but it just doesn't seem right to say "break a leg" to people who throw themselves across the stage like human volleyballs. read more >

Greg Moody gets a sneak peak at Stunt Rehearsal

CBS4 | January 11, 2012
CBS4 Critic at Large Greg Moody was able to attend a stunt rehearsal. "Every few minutes somebody is singing and dancing and flying around the stage during 'Bring It On: The Musical,' " Moody said. read more >

A Musical About Cheerleading? Bring It On!

San Francisco Chronicle | December 11, 2011
It's scary, and there's a real difference between seeing it on TV and seeing it live," Blankenbuehler says. "When you're 50 feet away - or 5 feet away - you realize how high they're going. You hear skin slap skin when they're caught. It's really momentous. read more >

Bring It On: The Musical's Pumped-Up Kicks

Los Angeles Times | November 28, 2011
Performers balance song and dance with flying spins and other jaw-dropping feats in this new show. After all, it is about competitive cheerleading. read more >

'Bring It On: The Musical' has people cheering

abc7.com | November 25, 2011
"The truth is there's never been a show like this because we've got a cast who not only has to sing and dance on a Broadway caliber level but they have to tumble, and cheer, and hurl themselves into the air," said executive producer Mike Isaacson. read more >

La Cienega: Bring It On: The Musical's Transgender Character

Edge | November 22, 2011
Gregory Haney plays La Cienega, a transgender student who befriends newly relocated Campbell, and helps start a cheerleading squad. read more >

'Bring It On' turns cheerleading into musical

The Orange County Register | November 10, 2011
Until a few years ago, Lin-Manuel Miranda knew nothing about cheerleaders. Never gave them a second thought. That all changed one night. read more >

Will 'Bring It On: The Musical' be something to cheer about?

Los Angeles Times | November 5, 2011
The Tony-winning talent behind "In the Heights," "Next to Normal" and "Avenue Q," among other recent musical hits, is converging at the Ahmanson Theatre, where "Bring It On: The Musical" begins a national tour. read more >

Bring It On: The Musical Day

Playbill.com | October 24, 2011
Cast members from Bring It On: The Musical joined Tony Award-winner Lin-Manuel Miranda at Universal CityWalk to offer fans a sneak peek of the new musical. read more >

Interview with Ryann Redmond

ReachOut.com | October 19, 2011
ReachOut Council member Chloe interviewed Ryann Redmond today. This is the latest in a series of interviews Chloe has been doing for ReachOut with members of the Broadway community about how they have gotten through a tough time. read more >

Bring It On: The Musical gets a promo tease (video)

Playbill.com | April 15, 2011
A promotional video for the tour of Bring It On: The Musical, which launches this fall, was made public on the website of the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles. We snagged it for you. read more >

Bring It On: The Musical launches a national tour to begin at the end of this year

Varsity.com | February 23, 2011
"Bring It On: The Musical," the cheerleading comedy you've heard so much buzz about, launches a national tour to begin at the end of this year. read more >

Bring It On: The Musical to kick off national tour at Ahmanson Theatre in November

Los Angeles Times | February 17, 2011
Get your spirit fingers ready. The stage musical "Bring It On" is set to begin its national tour in Los Angeles at the Ahmanson Theatre in November. read more >

She brings it on and breaks out as a star

Atlanta Journal-Constitution | February 13, 2011
In a show that has garnered critical praise and Broadway-bound buzz, Alpharetta native Ryann Redmond, 21, is emerging as a breakout favorite. read more >

Bring It On: The Musical gets world premiere at Alliance

Atlanta Journal-Constitution | January 9, 2011
When director/choreographer Andy Blankenbuehler began to conceptualize "Bring It On: The Musical," he decided to bring in two songwriting teams. On a recent day of rehearsals, we talked to the team about "Bring It On" and their careers so far. read more >